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Selected song name: Tanq
Singer Name: Cam
Lyrics written by: Cam

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She cute, booty like Andrea Kelly
From an island and sh*t, n***as calling her Elle
Relly, reel me, kill me if you don't feel me
I done lost a couple n***as, got my mind thinking clearly
Cuz I had to think, n***a why lie?
I'm smart like Dr. Jekyll, brown liquor makes me hide
My emotions I suppress them cuz life's hard and aggressive
But regardless, I'mma do me, I call that sh*t impressive
Check my desires, check the wordplay
I'm being earnest, no c*ckblock don't want him in way
Aye rare like Based God cooking a filet mignon
Been gone, these n***as just minions
Came down to VA rode a n***a, Kings Dominion
But that's another story, gives no f**ks about opinion
Ever since I can remember I been poppin' my collar
Style's mystical, we blowing O's gripping the choppa, BLOCKA
Mind sharp like Baraka Obama
Combat, Kamikaze, finish him, finish that
Preying on my downfall, praying for deliverance
Freestyle, good riddance to your good writtens

Now I only got four bars so I'm going in
Spitting fire, getting fly, spitting tang, getting grins
Going in, staying high, going down, mixing fast
What a blast, DJ Sparbz signing out
What a blast, yo waddup Cam?

And that was off, man my man Sparbz just producing on the track
N***as can't tell me that we wack
One two, one two and I just did it for the city of one two
Windy City, how are you? Hi, hi Windy
I'm going to Wendy's just to get that Frosty because it's a cold cold winter
Where I'm from staying, Chi-town I'm born and raised kid
And I mean I'm just going here to be amazing
Trying to raise the bar like that James Franco movie
I was trapped 167 days where the rock's moving
Unstoppable, but I was unstoppable
I mean I had that dream that I was like Kim Possible
Y'all was naked like Rufus, and I laughed at you
And that was just a comedy, I'll blast at you

DC 202, where the danger stay
Where you get shot and get poured out like Tanqueray
You gotta f**kin' make me flow and I Karate kick it kid like Ralph May-chio
Macchio, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus
I am a dinosaur because I eat them all like carnivores
You see me with the metaphors, I got the better bars
Stunner bars like I wrote for Birdman
You see me I'm flowing off the top and I
Can't even be seen and I lilt with the flow and you know how I lean
Cuz I got the skinny jeans
But lyrically I swear to God, freestyle against me I swear I will bury all my enemies
Your girl, she like "Enter me," but the enemies cannot see me
A f**kin' kamikaze no Nazi, because I don't hate anybody
But you know like Ricky, I will Bobby
Like Ricky, I will bob it, Bobbitt, Lorena
Don't wanna girl like Lorena Bobbitt, but I want that ring like a hobbit
Frodo, kick it like Johto, playing Pokemon in Johto
Kanto, Cantonese, Chinese, my money like ching ching, no racism though
But when I flow off the top DC you know how we go
Cuz we got Wale and we got GoGo
And tabi Bonney, we like f**king rip Polo