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Selected song name: TDA
Singer Name: ElyOtto
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And I really wanna take the time out to let all y'all n***as know I really know what's goin' on
Lets go, uh

I got enemies
Got a lot of enemies
Can't believe this n***as out here really wanna finish me
Ain't now way around it buddy
N***as know I've been the G
My confidence way higher when I got that .40 with the beam
Yeah, when I got that .40 with the beam
That .40 got like 30 shots, that mean it got a centipede
I ain't worrying bout them diffеrent boys, they keep worrying about me
I hеard I'm their favorite rapper, he keep actin' like he ain't heard about me, woah
And this b*t*h sucked my d**k to the third degree, woah
Everybody know that 'cause she at my shows for free, woah
Everybody know it's no one holding me, woah
She don't know no better she not old as me, oh
And imma groom that baby imma bring her real close, then cut her off
See if she can fly
I done took too many percs and on some real sh*t I can't die
Everything I do is effortless lil baby I can't try
'Ceratops, reptar when I'm rollin' em
Man I took your girl with me we was rollin' em
Turned her to a wet star then I throw her out
You can get that far if you showin' out
Oh you showin' out
You can't get that far if you holdin' out
I remember back when I wasn't closin' out
Now all them broads wanna blow me now
That's because my bag b*t*h I blow it now
When I'm in the mall gotta close it down
Gucci, Louis Fendi Prada
I don't really rock Fendi but I'm rockin' on Balenci'
Uh, Ferris tats on me that's that
Cartier frames clear as agua
N***as they be lame talkin' ra ra
My life not the same n***a why lie?
Magic changed my life n***a why lie?
Playing with the kitty just like dagua
When I make her moan man she boutta cry
When she suck it up give me side eye, yeah
Mixin' up the work like its pop rocks, yeah
Bugatti fast I don't know how to stop , yeah
Undercover fiends they keep tryna cop, yeah
You think I'm a dummy I know you a cop, ooh
I could tell you a opp
Make the Makaveli scream like it's 2Pac
Had them n***as shocked, pulled up with two Glocks
My LV sneaks kinda big I need two socks, but they Gucci though
I don't want that b*t*h ain't givin' up coochie though
I don't want that girl 'cause she too moody bro
She ain't really that cute she's got that booty though
And I can't lie, got that supersoaker I moonwalk like the J5
I don't own none of these girls so you can take mine
I don't really wanna know what you thinking but I take mines
You better love yours n***a I don't hate mines, yeah