Thank You Letter Lyrics


This tape is for 40, Oliver, Future the Prince, Niko, Mazin, Ethan, Richard, Chubbs, Preme, Ant Daddy, Gelo, Mark, Jordan, TJ, Haffa, Biz, Aunty Kay, Charlene, Baka, Win Win, Styles, Gilla, Felli, Freddy, K9, 50, Babel, Grease, T Rexx, JRJ, Bob, Steelus, Jahvon, Hawiti, Jonny Roxx, Kareem, Julius, BOI 1DA, Dio, Morgan, Noel, T Minus, Theo, Noel, Husher Raymond, J Mac, Snaz, Arian, Sicky Rel, Skinny Gucci, Everybody that reaches volleyball, Everybody that ever reached skating and paradise, Habibiz, Sway, Kayla, Glo, Vida, PND, Jay Wray, Tyler, Brian Espiritu, Amir, Demar, Kyle, Pat Man, T Ross, Lou Will, JV, JJ, Bruno, Lucas, Chuck, GV, Stiemsma and the whole Raptors organization, Raemiah, Cortne, Nicole that used to come see me in my mom's basement...How is your kid? Find us somehow. Linda and Amanda Noro that took me to that poetry reading in Baltimore where Malcolm Jamal Warner performed, Whitney from Brampton, Nadia... But this tape is for you when you worked at La Vie en Rose and lived on Fox Trail or whatever that street was called, Also for every woman that tried it this year and all the waste cyatties worldwide... Please know yourself this year, All mi bad skoolys in YAAD, Gizzle, Popcaan Unruly Boss, Grizzly B, Chromatic, Retro and the whole unruly YVP OVP, Cha Ching and Aidonia, Nicholas Boss, and Myself

This tape would not be possible without: Noel, Boi 1DA, Vinylz, 40, Oliver, OB, Cans, QM, Hush, Kenza, PND, Hazelton Hotel, Palace Hotel, Sota Studios, Sandra Gale Studio at the YOLO Estate, GGM, Zoe Kravitz, Wondagurl, Roxy, Do Eric and Big Tho, Nation Karim, Theo, RiFF RAFF, Skepta, Chief Keef, Travi$ Scott, Jimmy Prime, Amir Obe, Madonna and Ginuwine

Nuh Shake

we all love music