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Selected song name: Thanks But No Thanks
Singer Name: ECID
Lyrics written by: ECID

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Thanks for taking your sweet time
And keeping me around long enough for
Drag my teeth through the mud
You became skilled when trying not to care
Your all down hill from here
I am all up hill from everywhere
Judge, take away what no one else can give me
Keep with the heartache and cope myself busy
Help kill me
Don't resent the star that tricked
My tired eyes into believing
You burn brighter than you really are
The right time of the month to be lost at sea
It smelled your blood
But it's okay, blame me
I love you just as much
As I can hate myself for holding on
All smiles and open arms
Even though i know your wrong

No thanks, I'll pa**
Out and Last
Right back in the sh*t
This ain't eighth grade
But innocence ???
I think that we can make
Something out of nothing
There's no need to shout

Thanks for driving your b***er knife
Deep into my stupid selfish little art world
And letting the rush touch my quiver
Thanks for what you could when you couldn't
I should've stayed and I would've if I wasn't
Thrown out of orbit, caught off guard
??? and recharge taught me how to breathe hard
Another sleep runner running
Underneath the knife again
Take my limbs, wake me up
Nothing beats an old friend

No thank you
I can't wait to perceive this angle from a different view
I see you dangle ??? cause
I want to be there on the day you let go
How we'll embrace and we will ?displace? our differences
And we will look at the issues face to face, wait
See there is something hidden in mistakes
And there is something ???
Are you willing to change what you hate and
Are you okay with your situation?
Me if not and i will take the blame and
Do it every day ?from now??