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Selected song name: That’s F’ed Up
Singer Name: Esham
Lyrics written by: Esham

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"You sound black?"

Well that's f**ked up, and this f**ked up
And it's f**ked up as the world is turning
I woke up, then she woke up
As we smoked aloud, the blunt kept burning
Yeah, life ain't fair, you know they don't care
They shoot you in your face with your hands in the air
Now that's f**ked up, you know that's f**ked up
But don't nobody care if you're in trouble
Yeah cops ain't comin', in them streets them rats runnin'
Gotta set them traps on 'em with the rat-a-tat-tat drummin'
Clean your f**kin' plumbin' with the pipe like a plunger
'Cause the whole wide world is clogged up
Yeah I love guns, and she love guns
And we love guns, 'cause we are all Americans
USA is where I'm from
And we don't cast reflections

B*t*h, I'm Blackular spectatular
Flippin' hoes off my d**k like a spatula
N***as still bitin' my vernacular
But they can't
Jump into the Blackmobile with black steel
One shot, one kill, no luck, all skill
You lost me trying to cross me
Now me and your divorcee playin' giddy up horsey
She told me to hit it from the back
So I beat that b*t*h with a bat
That's the way I turn into a bat
That's the way I turn into a bat
Dead with her legs up and on her back
This is why I call it acid rap
'Cause I beat the f**k out the pu**y cat
I beat the f**k out the pu**y cat