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Selected song name: The Confrontation
Singer Name: Eva Noblezada
Lyrics written by: Eva Noblezada

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We couldn't find her anywhere. Honey what's wrong?

Kim was here, the one who had to tell her was me

Oh my God, I knew we were gone too long

No I think it's exactly what I had to see
You said you slept with her, that's all you were
Only one thing you left out is that you loved her

Ye-yes we were in love. It was years ago- we were torn apart

Don't explain- there's nothing you can say
It's like she's gone insane
She tried to give away her own child

Ellen, just list-

You weren't here
I saw the look in her eyes
Don't you see, she still thinks she's married to you
You must tell her she's not, she must hear it from you
'Course it only depends if it's true

Don't you doubt me, Ellen
You're my wife
Lot's of guys came back and had no life
I had you. Hey-

You can say what you want but she's borne you a son
In your nightmares the name that you shouted was hers
You've been with me two years and not shared things you've done
Don't hold back
Let me see
Is it her now or me?

Let me tell you the way it was back when I was a different man. Back when I didn't have a clue what was right
They drafted me and shipped me out, to wind up up in a senseless fight
There in the shambles of a war
I found what I was looking for
Saigon was crazed, but she was real, and for one moment I could feel

I saw a world I never knew
And through her eyes I suffered too
In spite of all the things that were, I started to believe in her

So I wanted to save and protect her
Christ, I'm an American, how could I fail to do good?
But all I made was a mess, just like everyone else in a place full of mystery that I never once understood!
I wanted back a world I knew
The story of my life began again with you

It's alright now, that's all through

Oh, Ellen, I should have told you

We'll get past this, start anew

Will you ever trust me again?

All I want in my life now

All I have in my life now

Is you

Hey, you guys okay?

Kim was here

Oh my God, alone?

Yeah, while we were out looking for her

Need some time?

No, we're okay now

Have you discussed Tam? Look, I run a camp that is filled with Bui-Doi


Looking for the fathers that they may never find
I don't know what I'd do if Tam were my boy
Do you want to take him out or leave him behind?

He's my son
I won't abandon him. Except that, Jesus Christ, John there is also Kim
What of her?

If it was only Tam, we'd take him now
He's Chris's son. we'd make it work somehow, but John, she still loves him
How can we have her there?

There's no choice
I think the answer's clear
We'll have to stay in Bangkok
We'll support them here

I think this is the answer

Listen, you didn't see what's in this girl's head

For now this is the answer

I hope you're both proud of what you just said

It's done

It's planned. Kim is smart. She'll understand

You must take Tam with you

In Bangkok, he will go to American schools

I won't break my promise to my son

You will start a new life

You will take Tam with you

We'll provide for their needs

You're both talking like fools!

You won't forget Tam is a part of you

We will
You should

Right for Tam, right for us, and for Kim

I still taste your kisses
Your voice sings in my ear
You can betray what we were yesterday
But you'll come back tonight for him