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The Once-ler’s Traveling Madness song lyrics are written by Ed Helms

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Selected song name: The Once-ler’s Traveling Madness
Singer Name: Ed Helms
Lyrics written by: Ed Helms

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Na na nana na na
Na nana na na na
Op-bop-bahdoop-ba-doop boo
Going off to make a Thneed

I've got a cramp in my back
And another cramp in my right rump cheek

You and I will have separate grandchildren
And we will say to them

Melvin look I'm playing my guitar upside-down

Don't look at me like that It's something to do

Oh wait I forgot the words
Na na Na na na

You ever think really hard about boredom?

Is that annoying?
Is that annoying?
Is this annoying?

Look it's some circling birds
I bet you that they're going
To eat our corpses
And then the worms will come out of the ground
And then some other little critter's going to come and
Make furniture out our bones and sit on it and have lovely dinners
And this whole thing will be a disaster
Dada da da da da dada dada da da da uhhhhhh
Da dada da da dada da da dada da da da