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Selected song name: The Saddest Day
Singer Name: Converge
Lyrics written by: Converge

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And we won't be breathing
In that same sun again
None of this will ever
Surface again

How we get older
How we forget about each other
And the angel falls to the sky
Raised and coiled
She blessed this day, she did
And it rings our ears

She rarely flies anymore, burden broke her wings
And I know this ghost, I have seen it before
Young it is the dying too fast, too soon, I'll be okay
The air thins in the quick and our lips move but we hear no sound
She whispered "Every time you justify, another good in you dies"
Your faith and fear seared me, and love and you pull all the right strings
"How we get older, how we forget about each other," she said
Entwined within the sadder of days