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Selected song name: The Snowman’s Adventure
Singer Name: Eurielle
Lyrics written by: Eurielle

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Limb by limb they build me
Out of crisp white snow
‘Neath the tallest fir tree
Hung with lights aglow
Piece by piece I’m growing
Ready for the world
But know not yet where I’m going
Nor do the boys and girls

I only know they’re out there
All my white snowfriends
If only I can find where
Our path starts and ends
Perhaps I’ll try to call them
I wonder if they’ll hear
Now the night has fallen
And the moon a perfect sphere

Suddenly I see it
Stretching far away
Where the earth and sky split
And night rules o’er the day
But it’s a long, long journey
And I’m just made of snow
So I have one chance only
To find my precious home
The children fast asleep now
They know not of my plan
So, if I make it somehow
I hope they’ll understand
For I too have a family
That I would like to see
And share with them my happy
Tales on Christmas eve

So, on a great adventure
I embark tonight
Guided by the splendour
Of the pale moonlight
Toward another realm
Where time drifts beyond measure
And bid this last farewell
For I know it’s now, or never!