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The Team G-Mo Anthem song lyrics are written by G-Mo Skee

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Selected song name: The Team G-Mo Anthem
Singer Name: G-Mo Skee
Lyrics written by: G-Mo Skee

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I'm so hungry I could eat a new born baby with cheese
No wonder why I suffer from the rabies disease
I'll twist your head one hundred and eighty degrees
Have you looking like the exorcist lady with ease, please
If you don't want to see my crew go far
You can jump in front of a train like Bruno Mars
I know you biting a** n***as wanna use those bars
Every lines phatter than a f**king sumo's arm
You go wave around your pistol like you go hard
Until my n***as draw four like the Uno cards
We use no guards at concerts. we getting half baked
Sucking on your baby momma's t**ties whilst she lactates
That fat skank smashed J. Cash and Nobe
Then she bought us a large pizza with anchovies
I got a hockey mask like I was a damn goalie
Now run for your life b*t*h this is camp Mo-Skee

This is G.M.O. you better spell it right
When did it become cool to be a sick f**k?
Now I'm back up in that a** like Lemmiwinks
Handicap killer, Handicap killer
I'll stab you with a needle welcome to the world of aids
B*t*h this is a mother f**king stick up, stick up
Now I'm back up in that a** like Lemmiwinks
Handicap killer, who gives a f**k what Timmy thinks?

I'm a**a**inating n***as like the Vatican
There's no specific pattern and
You could be European or African
Stick the gold cannon to the back of your abdomen
You could be Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Anniston
Hitman for hire, and I'm eager to to get the job
Stick a blade through a n***as squad make a shish kebab
And weak b*t*hes make sneak disses
You probably give your dad 3 kisses a day on his cheek n***a
You pu**ys make me laugh, har dee har har
I got something for your stinking a** like Nardwuar
Quit wra**lin' you throw me in an arm bar
And I'mma DDT your a** on top of a parked car
Flow's hotter than the crucible
My rhymes are columbine boy you're just high school musical
And at my funeral, when I'm asleep inside my coffin
Tell Keisha Cole to come give me a flight to Boston

You Jehovah's Witness b*t*hes are in the wrong porch
I'm in the house having sex with a small horse
I'll f**k your b*t*h in some green Kermit the frog shorts
Now she's calling me every week for an encore
I've killed a thousand strangers but I still want more
I shot Power Rangers right before they all morphed
Now I'm driving drunk in the f**king Mach Four
Crash the sh*t into your house, get out and crawl forth
I got more gas than a damn lawn mower
You eat more a** than a damn blonde w****
I got the same pig mask that n***a Saw wore
You get your sh*t split fast with a long sword
I got sixteen bullets and they're all yours
I lay a mother f**ker down on the golf course
I'm he who should not be named from the wrong source
And Harry Potter better not come back to Hogwarts