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Selected song name: THE TRUTH HOT 97 FREESTYLE
Singer Name: Joell Ortiz
Lyrics written by: Joell Ortiz

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I don't wanna have to flex on you ducks
Air on Hot 9, get on Flex and go nuts
But I will cause I'm ill and New York know it
I'm so big the universe make me claustrophobic
I been doing this since automotive
At the lunch table spazzing like a bad back
I had mad rats in the staircase with they heads
Going up and down like NASDAQ
Imagine what they heads doing now
They grab my meat and take charge like they drew a foul
A couple broads listening like you is foul
My down chicks listening wishing they could do it now
Don't hate me
Ok, hate me
If I was you and you was me, I'd be wishing I ain't me
But I am who am, can you blame me?
Plus chill cause you don't wanna see me angry
I'm unafraid to say real stuff publicly
That's why this fake a** industry don't 'uck with me
I don't mess with them either, I ain't around them folk
I don't mess with them artists they shoving down your throat
I don't mess with they parties, a bunch of fickle clowns
I'm at the bar with my army in a lil lounge
Day lunches, handshakes and fake smiles
I'm with Mickey eating pancakes on 8 mile
They with dinners busting the steak down
Tearing up peritoes with P.O. in the H-town
Or in the booth like this making your face frown
They from Central Park
I'm from the project playground
So yeah, know it's hood when my name is mentioned
They ain't gotta pay homage long as they pay attention
They think I'm human
The fans think I'm 'ucking god
I want the belt, they keep putting me on the undercard
This industry'll ride your meat if you cool
What good is being cool if I make you look like a fool
When they grabbed the instrumental and drag it in Pro-Tools
They paint you to be the future, I'll draw you as old news
Baby boy, you ain't paid no due
They gave you a fake buzz, O'Doul's
Flex, they got me tight
Buncha industry puppets
Probably don't even write
Mr. Say This They'll Love It
I'm dangerous like luggage at the airport unattended
Like one of them days I skipped from public
School, I'm a jewel, you can hate it
I love it
I do this mic damage like the Haitian Republic
They don't want the drama they tell me "Let's just be friends"
But nah I want the drama although I'm no thespian
Stopped knocking cause I no longer want them to let me in
I ain't gotta meet the wizard to get outta Auntie M's
I got courage, got heart, got brains, do-do
And my dogs with me and none of them's named Toto
Me not that dude? How that sound y'all?
Y'all ain't gotta let me through, I go around y'all
Anyone who feel this and feel they rap heat
I'm riding 'round with the gloves in my backseat
And I'm fiending to prove a point
Since you ain't got the real belt, we can square up to your Gucci joint
And after I win it, I'll give it back
But see I hope you got a shape-up, I gotta take your fitted hat
It got that NY on it and I run that
PR ride with me since we can't bring Pun back
I'm king of the borough where original guns clap
Where that big dude from the 'Stuy stole sold his jums at
'Nother 'Stuy dude make you cough up your lungs at
Now a Cooper boy flow dumb, no dunce cap
Yeah, so ease up you pockey shmucks
Your career's on thin ice, you lil hockey pucks
And y'all ain't got to like me but you will respect me
I'll make your buzz fizzle out like I'm spilling Pepsi
And I can talk this way cause I'm bout it bout it
I'll put your flow in a puddle with a crowd around it
Lil man, I promise I'll body ya
Beating me's a fantasy
Chronicles of Narnia
Son son, I'm starving you look lasagna
Garlic bread and b***er, gravy smothering tilapia
I'm tryin' tell don't sleep, insomnia
Yeah, my son's got me flowing parenthood Zaria
Play Foreman Imma Ali ya
Don't bring your girl round me cause I'll prolly'a
Have her whole mental'ia on my genitalia
I'm fly like what lands on the kids in Somalia
Ha, it ain't a drop of hate in me
So Imma let you eat just after my plate's empty
Ok, I'm lying I'll prolly go for seconds and thirds
And desert and leave the crumbs for the rest of you herbs
I'm the best bottom line
You feel you Superman and I'll cross out your S like a dollar sign
It's cool to say they name but don't holla mine
You gone need support dog, Rottweiler spine
Pull up any beat doggy and say goodnight
All you do is just chill like iced coffee
Either I'm extra hard or yall write softly
I must be hard cause it hard to get your wife off me
Every line I go for the gusto
Tear the roof off, you hear that nutso?!
Brooklyn I'm the king of the gutta flow
Air you out sonny
You won't make it to
Your favorite rappers all gimmick, no lyric
You feeling froggy well ribbit, let's get it
Homie I'll turn street in a New York minute
Red dot that'll make Rudolph timid
But I don't glorify none of the weapons, kid
So back to the bars like your second bid
I'm rough like the couch in James Evans's crib
Straight truth, you grapefruits is a megafib
I smell your lines from a mile away
You dudes suck, fiends nose near a pile of yay
Ya'll wet behind the ears, I been grown
On this mic it goes down, syndrome