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Selected song name: They Got Sonny
Singer Name: Conway the Machine
Lyrics written by: Conway the Machine

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What's your name?
Ace? Acito?
You live in the neighborhood, right?
Look, I gotta get out of here, man, I gotta get back
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
I'm Lulu
This sh*t too easy, n***a
Okay, what kinda name is that?
I don't know, it's my name, hahahaha

I listen to n***as' albums like, "What the f**k all the hype about?"
Like, n***a, I can write one verse that'll wipe 'em out
Don't make me bring the '89 Tyson out
I'll get it shipped soon as that Louis Off-White come out
I dropped a bag, but I can get you blammed free
Rather pay the bands and have this sh*t done, that's hands-free
Went from twenty-eight grams to goin' to get a tan ki
Only the real street n***as gon' understand me
I'm from where the kids don't get a new jacket in fall
Roach in the cereal and every spoon black in the drawer
Mama used crack and his pops shoot smack in his arm
He just use that, it's all of the fuel that's in these bars
Drivin' ambition, I'm focused on the goal like Kawhi in transition
Remember I sold a n***a a pie with grams missin', now I expand fishes
N***a steal a hundred dollars, find him with his hands missin', n***a
Yeah, it's grow house when I roll a blunt
N***a got smoked last night, he ain't been home a month
Uh, shot to the temple, that's the hole-in-one
With a stolen gun and f**k the police that he stole it from
I make a G call and the homies come
Big a** FN, that sh*t hold a drum
It's f**ked up, I heard my man told to come home early
Your daddy a b*t*h, that's what I told his son

I listen to rappers' albums, literally mad about the lack of talent
I could lyrically acid wash him, ask about me
Trifecta of respect, the streets, Rikers, and the mountains
Took a toll, I paid ten-fold, behold a man of honor
And rare persona, I exhale a air of nostalgia
Like Dondi, I'm an incomparable artist
Transcends, this is a compelling performance
Uncut raw, compressed from the connect to the corner
I carried the heat aggressive as Mourning
Sweat drippin' down my chest in the sauna
Majestic in aura, indeed, you can't impress me with talkin'
Unless you're a lawyer finessin' the court
To take my people from detention to walkin'
My rhyme is a diamond inspired by pressure before it
There's a lesson in every blessin', never ignore this
There's two things I never been, on paperwork or extorted
I'm livin' my truth, no lie, Griselda and Cory, uh

Lulu, money bags
Cito, thank you
Que pasa?
Do you know this man?
No, um, but I'm here about Lulu