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Selected song name: Think Back
Singer Name: Boot Camp Clik
Lyrics written by: Boot Camp Clik

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This one here
Beatminerz in effect
Ain't nothin ever lost between us
Evil Dee

Boot Camp Clik
It's a framalama thing

It went like this

As we go back...

1981, the first year rap begun
The first time I saw a backwards spun
I was in my living room practicing
Watching the tube, Facts of Life
Different Strokes in the afternoon
Scarface looked mean in the flicks
Everybody who pumped coke back then was fiendin' for bricks
'86, no fades, afro tops
In those days your whole ave was the spot
The scene locked with Lee patches, Cazel gla**es
Suede Pumas and rumors of rap not lastin
Till the cla** of '89 came through
High top fade, tailor-made Gucci suits
Jordan was champ, Mike Tyson was amped
Reagan was the pres and the border was a place to camp
Just think back like this
As you reminisce, reminisce

When Erving said he had the monster
Baddest b*t*h in skin flicks was Heather Hunter

Rosie Perez t**ties
Def Comedy Jam, the Itty Bitty T**ty Committee

When Martin was on
Jazzy Jeff, Fresh Prince "Summertime" was the song

Buffalo was the spot
Snitches got st**ches and you got jumped 'stead of gettin' shot

Zone with me
Come home with me
Come home with me

Picture in your mind, a place and a time
Where we all can go, don't need dough to shine
All you gotta do is, be true to who you is
I'm original and God is my influence
Hip-hop, be bop, jazz, rock music
Palladium and Roof Top, Latin Quarters boomin
We keep it movin to the beats, tune in to the streets
The rumors and the pa**engers preach
Rap I master so I teach; each I touch
Respect the power of the microphone in my clutch
Say ma, your little boy's all grown up
Hey y'all, I told you all we got is us
I love pops, he raised me on some good old soul
Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and Nina Simone
"Songs in the Key of Life" to hold
When the streets get cold
Always focused when I'm reachin for goals

That's PNC right behind me
Let no man take us under, bee
And no b*t*h for that matter, ya heard me?

This is for my 18 and under, 20 and over
Walkin round with the weight of they clothing on they shoulders
Look at me, 26 year old, years enfold
Driving something boss ‘bout a year old
Did the gold, stepped my game up to grade
Rosary throwback, exclusives and haze
Seen hoes and dough come and go
Rememberin the reign of crack and power of dope
Witnessed miracles of babies bein' born, n***as bein' killed
N***as gettin' killed, babies born again
Showed your block love, Tekno Marine Breitling
The cla** of Lockman, new Jacob thing
Benz, 4, 5, 6
Truck, Navigator, Escalade, b*t*hes want d**k
Took it from the end of '89 through '99
I'm the n***a 2000 and beyond

Meadowlark Lemon
Wood-sevens on the god neck
They the ghetto park reverends
Lee patches got snatched, d's in the hatchback
With ease, n***a, pa** that
Bennetton bag Diadoras
N***as like, "Son, you fly" Yo, I can afford it
Decept n***as, in the party we tangle
With anybody, jump on the train, punch Guardian Angels
Don't believe, we put a stack on it
Cops like, "You can drink, put a bag on it"
Back in the days...

What's today's mathematics?
Saturday Night Specials, now it's automatics

When crack appeared
VCR's got stole, shorty a**es disappeared

IZOD, La Tigra, 8 ball coats
My man Earl Manigault

Karate flicks, Gucci kicks
Favorite team the New York Knicks

Think back now
Dem ah see how rapidly things change into the pa**age of time yah
Think back now
He, style we don't borrow, we no lend
Go tell dem we ah set trend, yah
Yo dem just can't comprehend, yah
Yo, reset even though the times keep changin

Word is bond
Yo yo yo son
Remember goin' Uptown, 125, youknowmsayin
In front of the Apollo and sh*t
Standin' there, went to take flicks and all that...

Think back now