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Selected song name: Three’s Company (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)
Singer Name: Big Daddy Kane
Lyrics written by: Big Daddy Kane

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Big Daddy Kane:

Ayy yo marley man
‘member that sh*t from bK and what not?
Yeah they was real stuck up actin when everyone was tryin to holla at ya, ya know?
Now I got that uh, I got ahead of it the other day man
On top of wildness playa check this

We checkin out some kung-foo flicks and my man grippin madena
I think we seen her
Jackie Chan and feelin Syeena
Shame is from all the crew
Actin out of order too
Realize we short a boo
Down to the last quarter too
The thought “to do”
Send some of my people to the store
Said the PlayStation broke
Everybody bum rush for the door
We all together deep
Warriors that never sleep
Up the street
Here come that that QB don’t ever sleep
Well now today we making Eye-contact
Looking all flamboyant
Nipples at a straight point
She stopped and said “hi”
Told me I be looking fly
She like the way I coordinate my timbs and DKNY
“thank you”
I said I thought you had a real stuck up att**ude
Cuz I ain’t never seen ya kicking it with without a dude
When told me why there ain’t no man do you know
The answer almost made my head stand up like Coolio
She said it ain’t about that high post earl
But I ain’t like most girls I like the best of both worlds
Hope ya comprehend cuz that’s the way I’m living
To many dogs for men
Don’t want my heart broke again
Chorus: x2

Ménage á trios with

Big Daddy Kane:
I’m trying to make this thing threes company hello

I said that’s gravy baby
Matter of fact I mean a privilege
I should have been to knowledge when you said you hang out in the village
Don’t underestimate things we can do
I can get bent up with you like one of my n***as in the crew
To many things you eliminate when you discriminate
Pa**ing up the meal before you see what’s on the dinner plate
Vibe with me
And try to describe to me
What you’ve been deprived to see and what you want a man to be
Maybe I can teach you something about mankind
Cuz rubbing belly to belly pressing skin to skin
Bodies f**king like here one ain’t a damn thing going in?
Uh uh I know there’s got to be a better way
I ain't trying to let you get away
High heels and tight dresses would be first nominee
But gangsta b*t*hes never fear
I bone thugz in harmony
If we got the same taste maybe we can work together
Where’s your girlfriend because I’m down for whatever
And maybe we can be some sort of a three some
You me and she some
I’m feelin jack tripped up by myself
Chorus: 2x

Verse 3: Big Daddy Kane

She said I ain’t the crew type
But I got a girl that you’d like
Right there a dime in carrot tights with the blue stripe
Remember her or not
Guess by now you forgot
But she said you hit it back when “get the job done” was hot
Oh word?
Aight so school her on a mission
Im wishing on her vision of becoming the third edition
Make her make the right decision towards this whole proposition
Listen this rendition involves a lot more than just kissing
Cuz I’m not the type to disturb the groove
Ill let you first make your move
Before I start operation smooth
Go ahead and getcha
Groove going in with her
Did I hitchya?
The only thing that’s missing from this picture
Sh*t have us looking like a game of twister
I ain’t got nothing against your sexual preference
If that’s the way you get down
Then that’s how you get down
But when you need the helping hand I’m around how that sound?