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Til Death Do Us Part song lyrics are written by Dolly Parton

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Selected song name: Til Death Do Us Part
Singer Name: Dolly Parton
Lyrics written by: Dolly Parton

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Today you told me that you'd found another
And you took off your golden wedding band
The one you vowed you'd wear until death do us part
When I kissed it and placed it on your hand

A wreath will hang upon the door tomorrow
Of the little house that we once called our home
And friends will stop and hang their heads in sorrow
To pay the last respects to one gone on

Tonight I lay me down to sleep forever
With this small empty bottle and broken heart
I keep the vow I made I won't forsake it
I promised to death do us part

Will you bring your new love to the chapel
To look upon the one that you betrayed
Will you bring me pretty flowers like you used to
And replace them in my hands where I lay

Will you cry and think of happy memories
That we shared together at the start
And will you look upon me and remember
The day we said till death do us part