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Selected song name: Ting Dem
Singer Name: Giggs
Lyrics written by: Giggs

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You n***as know what time it is, it's Big Ryde, Hollowman
Hollowman, Dubz, Ard Bodied
Let's get straight to the point, yeah?

My swagger's insane
If you see me rocking something nice
It's probably an Italian name
Stopped in the manor just to holla at Tame
Cops in a banger tryna follow man plain
N***as wanna violate my family and claim , ratings
I'll c*ck-back the strally and aim
Banger since day
And I won't even mention certain man right now cah man-a-man's gay
Man-a-man play , I don't play about
Motherf**ker disrespect me I will stab a man straight
Ran up in your house and man-a-man ate
Spen Kid, Knuckz, a couple other man came
I won't even talk about the story no more
'Cause, I've already mentioned man-a-man's name
Spen that's a n***a that will grab a man's chain
Throw down your paper, strally and change
When I touch in the club, ain't no skanking in here
When I clutch on a snub, couple man disappear
It's a madness in here, a family affair
Even Mantis was there
Armed and I'm , so easy smoking a yardie blunt
So be easy , I'll disarm your gun
Never on a hype, I'm the calmest one
Chatting sh*t 'cause he sees Hollow and dem man
"I heard Dubz is going Ard Bodied with dem man"
Mans chatting sh*t about bodying ten man
I don't give a f**k I ain't bothered with them man
I'll let the 10 bang, Hollow the skeng man
Apollo with skengs man, squeeze seven and end man
Shotties and 10's fam
And I wanna shout yardman like Mousy, Nutty and dem man

We get the ting dem
Ting dem, ting dem
Mi squeeze seven half the pu**y dem a
We get the ting dem
Ting dem, ting dem
Mi squeeze seven half the pu**y dem a

I've been around the block a couple of times
And I be around the Glock, a couple of 9's
If you see me in the dock them I'm probably lying
If you see me with a watch, then it's robbery shine
Look, certain man I know are sloppy with crime
Come put shots in your soul, body and mind
Look it's possibly time, that you knew that I'm Rocky with 9's
That you knew I was c*cking your wife
She said I had a bigger c*ck and I'm fly
'Cause I had a couple rocks in my time
Now she saw me in the coupe, but the drop wasn't mine
I was robbing on a zoot
I let it rain down start pouring on a yout
I'm appalling when I shoot
I buss that lead whether morning or it's noon, night
When the snub sneezes make sure you say "gesundheit"
This is true life
I tell a yout once, I don't do twice!

You hear what I'm sayin'? Don't forget to look out for Hollowman Meetz Blade
Hosted by Mykal Million
That's on the road now, yeah?
It's Big Ryde, you know what time it is