Touchable (Freestyle) Lyrics

Drakeo the Ruler Lyrics

Hundred on the chop, if you with him then you touchable
Used to slap his music 'til I found out he was touchin' kids
Weird n***as all up on my line, where'd you find this beat?
And all the glitter from your neck is blinding me
Sh*t, I guess it's time for me to speak my truth now
This nina got a d**k on it, I'm aiming that at RuPaul
Dilated pupils, .45's, no Rugers
Mr. Big Bank Buddha, that's Mr. Big Banc Uchie
Big bank uchie face, Mae Ling, Susan Lee
Oh God, I just love just what you do to me
My hitman actually went to school with me
I don't want no paisas in my jewelry
I don't have no time for no buffoonery
Nice long ruler clips, my mansion's in the hills
I'll headshot any n***a tryna cancel beef
Police a** n***as in my ear, stop hara**ing me
Catastrophes, tragedies, bullets coming at rapid speed
Five thousand hundreds on the mattress, please add it up
These rap n***as corny, I'll slap the sh*t out 'em
This is a stupid chop, got held back a few cla**es
N***as seen a pump, then he scream he got asthma
Even store runners can learn about gymnastics
It's three hundred in a duffle, you know, b*t*h, do a backflip
Lyin' bout sh*t he don't do, he's the captain
Capper, I came with the flu flammers and jackers
I'm a demon, ghetto heathen, believe me
Beat him with a grey bag, blood all up in Neiman's
Leave a n***a like a scarecrow, tonight is like Jeepers Creepers
Two letters on the chop, made him sing like Justin Bieber
Oh, how many bodies you got? I don't believe you
Put these tips on you, I'll split your rig, run-up
Man, this chop got Bruce Lee kick on it
Like his a** in timeout, you notice I'll put a switch on him
I'm from the Stinc Team and we don't do big homies
Finna slide on they block, yes indeed, this when thugs cry
He wanted to at me on Twitter and be a tough guy
Dumba**, I'd advise you to block me
Chop hitting harder than Balboa Rocky
Street sweeper but I came in with a mopstick
B*t*h, you really don't want no beef, you should drop it
Just dance, Tommy the Clown a** n***a
R.I.P. with the pound right in front it
Paint a n***a, you a clown, is you Krusty?
Disgusting, f**k me, I should've been on Musty
Funny a** n***as all look like Chris Tucker
Rush Hour, b*t*h I'm looking for Juntao, I'm finna bust 'eem
Mae Ling, Soo Yung, my watch is not two-tone
Bald head Caillous, I need all the blue ones
I spent my life running from shooting newton
Pull the double-R to the block and do it to 'em, The Ruler

We know the truth
Man, you, know what's going on
Touchable, n***a

we all love music