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Selected song name: Tower of Babble 2
Singer Name: Cage
Lyrics written by: Cage

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You wanna shoot a video?
Bring a pistol to Blockbusters
Wanna step to Weathermen, cause you all c*cksuckers!
Wanna Soldier Story? What's gold and gory
Pull the jewelry off some dead b*t*h in a crematory
Put 12 little faggots in the f**king dirt then crawl
Out your little girls jaw, and ask her, WHO'S BIZZARE?
I'm so underground I should seek production in China
Cut a dime in half, I got 2 nicks, and one v*****
Find a therapist that I can eat out soon
Cause I'm so homesick, I miss mom's fallopian tubes
My vision is stillframe animation
Put a gun to a square, make him slice a mason
P*ssing at Days Inn, got a dog for an agent
Studied virtue in the basement where my doctor tried to keep his patients
Paint a portrait, four minutes, no rush
While fools clock in a circle to dissect the brush

Half step? Can't walk
Drunk sl*t? Pants off
Fake jack? Can't talk
This mic? Hands off
New jack? Get taught
Weak sh*t? Get caught
Your crew? Sh*ts off
Wack b*t*h!

Dr. Strange will slop your Range with a stinking bucket of p*ss
And c*ckblock your brain if you think you f**king with this
By Christ, I'll summon this sh*t
Son of a b*t*h, up in your crib f**king your b*t*h with one of my fists
Pants sagging low, hand smacking hoes
Get down with the Klan just to slit the Grand Dragon's throat
The way I see, everything on this damn earth is free
Murder beats, and turn MC's to hamburger meat
First coming of Copywrite, thief with the mic
Creep like a thief in the night, sneak in your crib, leave with your wife
Repent for your recordings
When the engineer said your vocals were too hot
What he meant was they were distorted
Explain how your venom harms your prey, and you're hard to slay
When your DJ's dressing up in women's lingerie
For Eons I infect y'all with Agent Orange
If you don't know the words to these verses, don't even sing the chorus

Chorus X2

I stay Unbreakable like David Dunn
The Philly native son
You Mr. Gla** on mics
The jaded one
Check out this ill crew's onslaught
Your career's a Hot97 afterthought
It's not my fault the a** fall in the ?past fought?
Now who's that kid from Space Mountain?
Looking like an accountant, highly touted, off and on again
Really hip hop needs to take 5 like Donovan
I end my coke nights with bong hits and Klonopin
Send me the f**k back to ???????? please
Or release EC's from the hospital for joint disease
See the weasel on Da Vinci's easel
With the Mona Lisa oil paintings, shavings and scrapings
Combined with championship trophy engravings
Clowns rock from foul grounds to out of bounds
You couldn't see my a** if I was wearing hospital gowns
Chorus X2