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Selected song name: Traffickin
Singer Name: Berner
Lyrics written by: Berner

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50 keys in my trunk on a lonely highway
Tryna lead the life, n***as lose they life broad day
Make the broad pay if she wanna be in my presence
Got locked several times but I looked at that as lessons
Look at all the bread and possessions that I'm blessed with
Shoulda stayed home but instead makin' more sh*t
Pop hundred boxes of ziplocs the fiends jock
I got that pure, set my lure, cast my line out
You don't understand the grind don't try to find out
My n***a sold a thousand birds in a wired house
Now he locked until the end up in the pound box
We gotta die but hope we live till the world stop
Cuz it's for real out here in the world
burn, a fed they didn't tell you bout
Life, when you deal white, ain't no turnin back
Probly throw away your life tryna earn a rep

Cocaine, heroin, I'm in the traffickin
Birds fly down south I had to get it in
Gettin money's what it's bout, stayin richer than them
I take control of the drought with more weight than the gym

That money keeps comin' in, I can't get enough of dem
They say they're hustlin but really they're strugglin
I'm lookin' for 20 chem, I just sold a hundred purps
I just made a hundred thou, I'm lookin for more work
Kush man, Mr. Got it when there's none left
Trunk full ride around dirty in the sunset
Ten racks, two movers, that's a big lug
Big cash, big stash spot in my truck
No pa** get whacked if you try and test
Me and Jack keep big guns that'll make a mess
Kingpin with this weed sh*t where I'm from
You wonder why I'm caked out? Cuz I started young
Waitin for that brown truck, yea the UPS
He sent 30 racks I'm just waiting on the rest
I'mma cake out when it's all said and done
Me and Jack sittin back, waitin for the drug to come

I had to get it in, I pushed a lot of kicks
What you know about a bus ride with a couple bricks?
I really did it man, ran through a lot of cash
I know Colombians and Mexicans that get it man
But n***as never stick together like the ages man
I'm in Miami coppin tree from a Haitian man
I'm on the beach with a cold beverage in my hand
I got a stick in my ear that weigh a couple grams
A model chick waitin on me, feedin hand
I'm in a coke white suit with a gangsta ?????
This watch on my arm it cost a lot of money
This ice in my chalm I'm lookin really stunny
Marc Jacobs on the frame cuz its real sunny
I'm bout to hop in this whip with a snow bunny
Hit a couple corners, prolly drop the top
Hit the mute on the deck I think I see the cops
Prolly wanna yank me, I think I got his daughter
One million first week like Dwayne Carter
Internet pimpin, I'm goin real hard
I need to hit the lot, flip me a new car