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Trouble Is A Man song lyrics are written by Ella Fitzgerald

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Selected song name: Trouble Is A Man
Singer Name: Ella Fitzgerald
Lyrics written by: Ella Fitzgerald

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A woman gets all the blame
For everything that happens under the sun
But when it comes to being bad
A woman's not the only one

Trouble is a man
A man who loves me no more, no more
Trouble is a man
A man I'll always adore

Nothing good to say about him
Still, I hate a day without him
Why should he have to be
The one, my only?

Trouble is a man
A man who's handsome and tall, so tall
Trouble is a man
Who's for himself and that's all

After all we've done, he didn't mean it
Now I understand--I should have seen it
Trouble is a man
Trouble is a man
Trouble, trouble