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Selected song name: Tug-At-War
Singer Name: Esta (Producer)
Lyrics written by: Esta (Producer)

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No one to show him the ropes, had to learn on my own
Wasn't in wealth, fronted our self, no one to owe for a loan
Show after show, was gettin' dough, paper was slower than slow
Still did all that I chose, though they was hopin' I don't
If I can and it's safe, then I'm takin' a chance
A brother rapping is someone they wouldn't think would freelance
Take the advantage, make advancements to create my advance
It's nuchin', blunts we just stuff 'em while we crush the substance
Cause our goals is substantial, obsolete, inside our fleet, you know the tank full
Know this a drag, this one L that you can't pull
Facin' defeat as we can see you at a standstill
Two choices, you leave your car, try to act hard, then get jumped
Or wait to get some cables for your car and get jump
Started, I'm just starting, I'm ba**-trolling
Army clothes get worn
But I'm still cold hearted, no Stalin
No time-wasting, no stalling
Rich at mind fundamental but ain't no balling
Should still give me ya number, how I see ya, how I call it
Get high if you down, if not then bounce like hydraulics
F**k that, back to the topic
Learn what I can from the true G's that I know
Had loud but try to drown out the sound
Liver getting bruised by a bottle
No blueprints to follow, Dirty said "Usar los manos"
When you rollin' in Cubanos, muchachos

This the way I see it, look at things from my perspective
Don't gotta f**k with me but you still gotta respect it
Shocked 'em with the flow, energy could be electric
My goals to meet perfection, my taste is so eclectic

Would probably trip, if he knew I followed in his steps
What I'm 'posed to do if bills are clearly pilling up in debt
Cards declining
And ain't sh*t fine, when they get higher than your neck
I mean, what do you expect?
If I gotta wait a month or two to get my f**king check it's alright
Life been feeling like a test
Type of dude to hit the doob, thought I was poppin' with my ex
Just in case we seen detects, we hid the hemp inside her dress in our defense
But yo, then I wasn't fully grown, no joke
Mood got blown when they found out that I smoke
Like damn, our son is an arsonist
Shine bright, get enlightened from the spark within
In the mainstream it's seem like none of y'all could swim
Yall all like din, this shark ain't fin, on point
But lately I've been sharpening the skill till I got it sealed like harpooning
Before my father wouldn't let me out
Now I brainstorm, burn a forest, blow out thinking clouds
I got water while you in a drought, the words that I jot got me hot
I don't plan to ever simmer down
Mary Jane's a freak so back/bag it up for this juvenile
I'll be the one to nail it Fly won't do them foul
Could give you tips, all I need is the cue to call/cuticle
Shots like I knew to dial, hear me out I'm at my house
So I might just hit you now cause it's allowed