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Selected song name: TV BOY
Singer Name: Griselda
Lyrics written by: Griselda

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Ayo, we whip-whop dishes, four-fifth in the Enfantes Riches
Fifty-K for the Dolce and Gabbana, refrigerator in the kitchen
Hand me the ice, Lord, sellin' dope a part of my religion
Back to back Maybach trucks
Wet his baby mama house up
I don't give a f**k who home
Knock your brains out the park like Pujols, the new GOAT
Y'all ain't f**kin' with me, that's what I do know
I was dumpin' the work, my crack sumo
I had to stash the culo, Givenchys with the dark
My sweaters look like Cujo
Y'all n***as been fu
Hopped out the CLS, mix the Dsquared2 with the Ruger

Hand to hand to to Maxine's, she skippеd up the block
Went to Jeaninе's, now they pipes steamin'
Immaculate spoon
A monkey in the room
His legs wouldn't move, now that n***a leanin'

Ayo, the magnificent, the judge gave Sly infinite
Sittin' in a cell, my dry wells spilled Benjamins
Cherry GL , we wore Chanel to our sentencin'
Always prevail, your pace snail, who you dealin' with?
Moncler jeans, beware, it's the MAC squeezer
If all else fail, I kept Pyrex and scales
Last place was hell, I'm talkin' 23 and 1
Thirty minutes straight, we stared at the sun
I miss my old celly, I wish that n***a'd come home
Been locked since the '80s, never had a cell phone
Used to dip out of bed and meet a b*t*h in Shoshone
Free that n***a J Batters, free my n***a Low Pro
Ever since I got rich, it's n***as hatin' on GOAT
Park the Cullinan on Bailey, got the ice on the road
When God made FLYGOD, he ain't make 'em no more
And then the sun shined

Ayo, hand to hand to Maxine's, she skipped up the block
Went to Jeanine's
Now they pipes steamin'
Immaculate spoon, a monkey in the room
His legs wouldn't move, now that n***a leanin'