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Selected song name: Underground - Live
Singer Name: Cody Fry
Lyrics written by: Cody Fry

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I woke up underground
Not a light, not a sound
I threw my voice into the dark
But the dark had no remark
Just repeated what I said

Claustrophobic at first
Struck by hunger and thirst
I stood up and looked around
There was nothing to be found
Just a world I couldn't see

And I heard, whoo
I can't see you now
I'll find my way underground

Then my fear began to ease
From far away whispered a breeze
Telling me to move along
Move along, there's nothing wrong
So I cornered my resolve

Took a breath and took a step
Encountered metal on my left
What a strange thing to find
Metal in this place of mine
Running lengthwise down the hall
And I heard, whoo

Then a light broke through the black
I was standing on a track
That little light began to grow
There was nowhere I could go

And the ground began to shake
No time left to hit the brake
That little light was closing in
And suddenly I'm floating

Love I see you now, oh
You found me here underground