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Selected song name: Vega (Freestyle)
Singer Name: Berner
Lyrics written by: Berner

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Its ya boy berner
Holdin it down for san fran sandy b*t*h
San Francisco, I love you!
We've been dope

Yeah, I'm fresh out the city I'mma cold hearted hustler
Girl I might f**k, I can never love you, frisco sh*t
Used to roll a Vega, I just got a condo
Out here in Vegas, fresh turn out, yeah I had to set it down
23 b*t*hes I'll never settle down
Bay boy Bern, b*t*h I'mma player, so give me give me paper
Or call me back later I gotta a fresh joint, rolled up with that white
S-500 and it feel so fly
Keep me dip, girl I need shoes and a new Rolex and a molly I'm a fool
I make a pretty b*t*h choose but she gotta pay her fee
Daddy can we rock gotta beg her on her knees
Frisco cat, SFC, I'm from the home of the nade and the real champagne

Everybody go, everybody go to Vega, go
Everybody, go
Everybody, ..go to Vega
Everybody go, go

And I'm not braggin all these rappers want some weed from me
B*t*h I blow kay kay pound of cookie in the truck and smoke wax till I can't see
Okay, so I light it on pa** it and I'm riding in the cla**ic
Watch where you ash it, coat made of rabbit, Louie V book bag
B*t*h you look crazy, I make ya man look bad
F**k it baby girl you should rock with me
He talk real smooth, but he not like me
Pop like 3, on like wow, have you ever made love on the money pile
Keep the weed burning while the old school cruise
Or walk around the street in 800 dollar shoes
Frisco sh*t, shout to the vets, still rounding round town eleven five in the deck
Everybody, everybody go to Vega, go
Everybody go
Everybody, every go to Vega
Every-everybody go

Uh, we out this b*t*h fresh dip
Ya mean
Eleven five thought me how to milk a b*t*h