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Selected song name: Vibe Higher Cypher 6
Singer Name: Jandro (rapper)
Lyrics written by: Jandro (rapper)

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Pum-Pumbaa are you nuts?

Yo, Look
Now hold up, let me find out this sh*t been on pause
Let me bring you up to speed with a California boss
A bunch of silly kiddie, itty bitty sh*t that y'all been on
I’m back to sipping Henny, signing t**ties like back from the start
I'm a Bay b*t*h first but a Texas sharpshooter
Grew up around spitters, ain't nobody brought you
Ah basura, what these b*t*hes is, was and are
B*t*hes wanna get the tea ’cause they can't buy the bar
I'm still going dumb, sipping Champagne on top of cars
A sideshow, you sidepiece, you sub 'cause you're sub-par
Want the best for you hoes
What's best is you back up
You got your stories mixed up
It's Snow White and the bad wolf, uh

Okay bad man, bad wolf, wagwan 'round here?
B*t*h I’m finna pop, no flopping this year yeah
I work too hard to sob in my tears yeah
I got the juice, made truce with my fears
Okay I do like Kenshi
Whip your a** with a blindfold on, don’t tempt me
Never playing games with these kids
If I do, then it's duck, duck, goose, come get me
Who f**k with me?
Singing "Nobody" like Keith Sweat with each step
Reach depths, double up, keep bringing the team cheques
That’s facts tho'
Yeah, I'm sipping while I'm whipping
Might just f**k up the whip with the homie Castro

And I’m still lit from the last show
Yeah I'm saucy, I ain't talking about Tabasco
Keep it moving like the motherf**kin' cashflow
The b*t*hes love me but my girl say I'm an a**hole
And I don't agree, plead the fifth
Sip my tea, steal your chick, b*t*h I'm lit
F**k with me, like they do across the country
They claimed that my sh*t is wack 'cause they b*t*hes probably love me
If they want me up on a track, then that bag should be looking lovely
I'll be damned if I let you get over me for my money, yeah
Went from begging you to cop my tape
To some foreign hoes and open doors to make mo' cake

Snow owy, they miss the old me that spit fast
They thought I couldn't do the boom bap, but boom I spit facts
When I tell you that I've been the best, but I've been 'bout the betterment
Of bars and bigger picture sh*t, I'm badder than I've ever been
I'm 'bout as big as I can get without a bigger budget
And bar for bar, I've been a baddie
But I've been in a rut 'cause I don't even like to rap
I'm bored with a capital B
Boredom and vocal chord issues gettin' the best of me
So now I'm shoppin' with my b*t*h at Bed, Bath and Beyond
Bankin' and bickerin' with my brother vloggin' at home
I've been about it, but think about it
It's just facts
It ain't bout who been the best, it's been about a big a**, uh

I be like andale, andale mami, E.I. E.I
I've been pulling hoes since I was knee-high, knee-high
My lil baby rock a bandana like Aaliyah-liyah
I'm a 21 savage like Deion, Deion
Life's dark, look on the brighter side
Look at the crossover, look at the Iverson
Look with your vibes on, ho, ho, ho
that your miles on, look with your smiles on
Wordplay, look at the mile long, I'm finna pile on, hee
Too much, had to hydrate 'em, I annihilate 'em
If I really start trying I could just violate 'em
Still 505 the area code
Take that sh*t with me everywhere that I go

And I got hoes in different area codes
Grew up on Luda in my area, they know I'ma blow
Never hit a groupie back 'cause I got plenty of those
Yeah I been sipping way too much, got stains on all of my clothes
I stay on my toes, it's on me wherever I go
'Specially when I'm at home 'cause I got plenty of foes
And everyone knows they shouldn't but they did 'cause they could
Yeah I never been a killer but my aim really good
Yeah I'm f**king up this liquor, left a dent in my hood
They should call me Paul Bunyan when I give her the wood, eh
Just made 3 stacks like I'm Andre, got a bad B like Beyonce