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Selected song name: Voodoo Man
Singer Name: Gabrielle Aplin
Lyrics written by: Gabrielle Aplin

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Satellite: He hasn't walked on a mine! Who said that? Stay where you are! Don't move! How long has he been there?
Boy: Since morning, Satellite
Satellite: Don't move! Don't move!
Riga: Are you talking to me?
Satellite: Yes! If you move you'll die. Please don't move! I'll come over to you
Riga: What?
Satellite: There are mines all around you
Riga: What? I shouldn't move? Are there mines here?
Satellite: Has anybody gone to get his brother?
Pesheow: Yes!
Satellite: Don't move! I'll come over to you. Everyone quiet!

Voodoo man, chicken bone chicken bone
I can make a thunderstorm from a light rain
My ears start ringing, my nose get bloody
I feel a little bit of pressure on my right brain
Intermission transmission put me in submission
Glistening trapped in the light prison whistling
The Christ told me come closer to the light man
I went blind, woke up in front of a mic stand

Voodoo man, tap dancing in the French Quarter
Walking on water with a scroll in my hand
The blueprints for a disc shaped-like vessel
That was chiseled out of metal off the coast of Japan
Fasting on the top of a mountain out in Tepoztlán
Saw a shiny object floating out of the ocean
I'm sort of like a postman
You can get the message if you want to understand
From the rap Son of Man

...on November 7th saw this disc-shaped object floating above the sea concourse of the United Airlines at O'Hare. Very low in the sky, it was still daylight, very distinct. Didn't look like an airplane, a helicopter, or anything else

Voodoo man, civilize the savage
Criticize the parish
Spreading false doctrine
Terrorize the cleric for carrying on nonsense
Specialized lies to paralyze the conscience
Voodoo man, chit chatter Abracadabra
Spitting out matter while I'm sh*tting out data
Mmm, chew 'em up sh*tting out rappers
Sipping Pellegrino while I'm giving out matches
Set yourself on fire
Let the wisdom of Elijah purify ya
Take a n***a higher
Sold your soul to the highest buyer
Now you're on the wire talking about two-foot tires
Saying you sell crack
Clapping at cats with macs
But you a liar pants on fire
Same old rugged cross
Different crucified messiah