We Breakin Up Lyrics

Chamillionaire Lyrics

I tried and tried, to stay in love
But no matter what I do it just ain't enough
It ain't enough, It ain't enough, it ain't enough
You say it ain't enough
And every time I think it's love
It just ain't good enough and we breakin up
We breakin up, we breakin up, we breakin up
Cuz love just ain't enough

I had seen potential in your mental and was tryna make a queen
But I did it for nothin', I was huffin' and puffin', wastin' steam
Every time I speak, you be twistin' my words to make 'em mean
Somethin I ain't say, then you gossip and try to break my dreams
So I'm breakin up with ya, I tried and did everythin to please ya
I don't even want to see ya, the sight of you is givin me a fever
Think I need a breather, need ya to give me space and leave the
Past in the past and keep walkin' past when they say that we are
Match made in heaven, tell 'em I said that that's a lie
So disrespectful I feel like I wasted half my life
Thats why I ain't in love, tryna say I ain't in love
Then I go right back on my word and we end up making up
Hold up

See it's like I love and I hate almost everything about ya
I be Indian givin' a livin', takin' back everything I bought ya
Even Indian givin' a ceiling when I'm tellin' you get out of here
You disappear, then the next day you come back on the pop up
And my mood get madder when I'm in the streets and I think I spot ya
Thinkin' I forgot ya and I'm movin' on cause I think I gotta
See I end up losin' every time that I try to think I gotcha
Cuz you always movin', I want to but I ain't gon' even stop ya
You be all in my pockets like "feed me" making this type of livin' ain't easy
I be givin' my all to you, all you do is be talkin' greasy
And I know you probably don't believe me, every time that you say that you'll leave me
I be getting impatient and waitin', hopin' that you'll make it speedy
So I figured I'd tell you the truth cause I knew that that would free me
Gave you everything that I could but you still kept acting greedy
You let the world come inside you shouldn't been acting sleazy
Cuz now you pregnant with rappers that lie on half their CD

Now I can't even lie, I was in love with you
We did everything together that lovers do
The love done died, I think it's time to move
In a direction that ain't got nothing to do with you
And every time I think of us
I think that it's time that I make some things adjust
My love ain't as strong for you as I thought it was
Baby I'm breakin' up with you now and it's all because

I ain't gon' lie, I used to wake up with thoughts of you on my mind
But now you just get on my nerves even when you not even trying
People tell me that its gonna be better but I tell 'em that they lyin'
My love for you is definitely dyin' and the way you changed is not a good sign
I wonder how you gonna feel when I'm no longer around
Nah don't even try to start cryin'
After you built me up and then tried to break me down
Its just a matter of time before I had to give you a piece of my mind
And maybe I can spend the rest of my time having peace of mind
You couldn't even say one thing that you know that no one know
Every time I see you, you gossipin' about so and so
You imitate, you instigate, you turn love into instant hate
You the reason why I punched my ex homeboy in the face
In the streets chasin' the same money I gotta give to my lawyer to win a case
Tearin up my rap sheet cause now I got a rap sheet that can't get erased

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