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Selected song name: We Got This Here
Singer Name: Greg Street
Lyrics written by: Greg Street

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Every since I could remember, I was a lil' ol' boy
I was ghetto natural baby, I never let em' steal my joy
Even though I had lonely days, I know he heard my praise
I didn't even know which way but yet I come all this way
I'm from red Claymore, I'm from Blessing Brook
I represent all them hood, I backwoods
Might not of been sure baby but I'm ridin' pure baby
I know if I have faith and guard maybe I can endure baby
I don't worry about facin' haters, I breaks em' off my dear
I put it on noon for life, I say we gots this here

Guess what we hot this year and you are not this year
Man you can't stop this here, first week in the number slot this year
Got sh*t on lock this year, Glock gon' go pop this year
Candy toys gon' drop this year, n***as left in a maze lost this year
A pimp current gon' pop this here, the Impala don't stop this year
Ya girlfriend gon' cut this year, runnin' all up in them guts this year
We got this here, here
Y'all motherf**kers ain't ready, cut em' with the machete
Comin' down here n***a, drop top Chevy
Y'all ain't ready to mob with real heavy
Jazze Pha, the one ya love to hate
All in ya face with a slap this year
Give a f**k n***a who ya with
N***a back on up, we got this here

The man right chea'
When I come up in this b*t*h ya can't stand right chea'
It's gettin' ugly, these n***as gettin' itchy
These b*t*hes gettin' funky, it's gettin' real out chea'
Sick and tired of these n***as with the dumb sh*t, f**k sh*t
Y'all talk a whole lot of sh*t
But when I catch ya in the street then ya face off top
Like a man you a whole lot of b*t*h
I got this here
Keep ya hand out my pocket or get shot this year
Let the Glock c*ck, snap
Watch a n***a get knocked back
Look, been about this here
I come in this b*t*h gully
People that smilin' stand up and rushin' the alley
And if ya prevaily
I'm bustin' they a** and b*t*h ya know it's there