We keep it rocking Lyrics

Maino Lyrics

New York city knows how to party
New York city knows how to party
New York city keep it rockin
They keep it rockin

Roll up in the club like blaow
We gon need our bottles right now
We gon make a toast to the town
Drinks in the air, go shawty
Welcome to my city, see the bright lights
Diamonds on my wrists, bright lights
The fast cars, the hot girls, the night life
The blue yankee to the back, the white Nikes
Sipping tequila with divas
I can’t stand, I’m too drunk, Jesus
People outta town call me Brooklyn
Cause they know how I keep it, Brooklyn

Can't have no party without showtime
Swizzy blanco from the Bronx yo
See me in my Aston, I’m moving real slow
Boston road to Dyer Ave
Yall n***a die for the life I have
I’m the one to make the artists blow, Nintendo
Smoke endo then go to party mode
Put your hands up then go retarded though
Damn, I got the beats to make the ground shake, earthquake
I do it for the empire cause I’ve been fire
You ain't never seena monster like me you a liar

Soon as a step on the scene, you hear the b*t*hes screaming
I’m looking like money, stick up kids scheming
Spent 40 on the watch keep the wrist gleaming
I’m in the hood in the truck, got the whip leaning
In Harlem when I talk it’s like Godspeak
Listen close little momma thats the car chill
Vampire life I hear ya heart beating
Bay chill lil momma fore I start tweaking
And you can catch me up in Sac town
Or in the ghost in the Bronx is the background
?, heading back down
I got homies in the jungle that

Yo, take a trip up top
They turning n***as to mincemeat
It’s on as soon as you cross 110th street
Yeah, you see poverty at it’s best
If we ain't in the front of the lobby, we on the steps
Yep, 100 deep in the ?
Feel the floor shake when they start playing B-I
Razors in the mouth, the shotguns is knee high
Some of us rock true some of us rock Levi’s
Ahh, but we all rock polo
Don’t matter what the borrough, NY is the logo
Talking to the popo’s a no-no
That should be a rule that’s global

You know they had to to put the papi on it
Like my fans, when I crowd dive, I’mma catch a body on it
Leopold scope shotty on it
I’m the hardest right now, I put my project library on it
Pun gone I’m the new Puerto Rico guy
They basura, they don’t want it with the B-O-I
Your rap image mad gimmick, he no lie
I just go all out like Margarito eye
Yaowa, thats the call of my army
We’ll turn your face to a dance hall like Serani
Now this a party, I got a little change but ain't change
So send over a bottle of Bacardi

we all love music