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Selected song name: What If... (Part II)
Singer Name: Jamie xx
Lyrics written by: Jamie xx

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I was more focused on a name than the actual music /
I was more focused on artwork than the actual music /
Then it occurred in every word that I spit and y’all swallowed /
That hope comes from the heart and mine happened to be hollowed /
What if I never was original, would I still be myself? /
What if I was failing independently, would I still cry for help? /
The image I progress with through the deficits of the relentless /
Make me seem more helpless than the average man that’s selfish /
I could care less about the countless songs about b*t*hes and profit /
I could care more about the countless idiots that actually went and bought it /
I consumed the same lies and now I’m p*ssed that I’m a product /
Of what society has come to, the feeling of a generation of vomit /
See, getting your a** off the couch and beginning labor /
Started from an application from the computer not paper /
The contradicting life we’re in, seems to throw you for a spin /
Predicting you to lose, praying that you don’t win /
There’s probably a reason that you got “all these people hatin” /
I’m sick of it all, I need a vaccination /
I got a question: What if you /
What if you weren’t yourself, so society would be what you fit into /
What if that’s the reason people began to treat you different /
Would you change what you did or just learn to live with it...