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When We Die song lyrics are written by Jason Mraz

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Selected song name: When We Die
Singer Name: Jason Mraz
Lyrics written by: Jason Mraz

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When we die is it just like sleeping?
Does the light mean that it’s light like a nap?
Will I dream? Will I get to see Jesus?
Or like the Lama will I come right back?

Years go fast
Live each day like it’s your last
Need not waste time asking
"Why am I alive?"
Don't hold back

Like the whales with their song
They sing of the memories of long days gone
So do I sing along
I’ll remember you

Years go fast, I’m already looking back at this
Me, I know that I won’t last
Because when I cry I don’t just cry
I fold in half

You are loved, you are loved
You are loved, you are loved
You are loved, you are loved

If there’s a fear about leaving here
Then the devil you will find
But if love, if love is all there ever was
There’ll be peace on the other side

Years go fast, live each day like it’s your last
Me, I'm going to go out dancing
Because when I die
I know I’m going to fly
Into an angel's hands