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Selected song name: Where the Dope At
Singer Name: G-Unit
Lyrics written by: G-Unit

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To the evil he shows no mercy, NO!
To the deceitful his blows are swift, YES!
But, to the pure in heart he is love, love brothers and sisters! He is our leader!

Money buys dignity n***a!
Poverty’s a crime!
Follow me!
If you gon' follow somebody, follow me…

Im in the hood, n***as don’t see me, I be so low key
I’m where the dope at!
I make bigger moves for bigger bread, yeah!
Test me I shoot a n***a head, yeah!
Listen n***as don’t come round me
They done heard 'bout me
I’m where the dope at!
I make bigger moves for bigger bread, yeah!
Test me I shoot a n***a head, yeah!

Sh*t is different now a n***a rich, I will get a n***a hit
You f**k with me, I get you killed, you think I won’t, I think I will
I blow a mil and get it back, yeah, n***a to beef with me you need a strap, yeah
Matter fact you gon’ need more than that, the shotty pop, the buck'll spray you
Your closest friend'll to you and tell you "get the f**k away"
You talk to me you watch your tone, n***a you cross the line and you’re on your own

Bullet bounce attire, pistol buyer, frequent fire
No surrender, no retire, Imma ball out till I’m tired
You like it buy it, if not then just keep it quiet
Half the n***as you admire probly wired
Gasoline, fire barbeque at liar, buy a mansion just to chill and while they fly I’m getting higher
Rolly drive, rosay drinker, think of don, think of me, you think of bread, lead, 100K arm

I’m a king, emperor, these rap n***as irrelevant
The Audemar is blacker than the president
I catch money in the booth goddammit
Sort of like Clark Kent in the Daily Planet
Drop head, pop lead outta car
These n***as better run like Usuan Bolt
I drop a bag, you get showered by hollow steel
Your mama tied up, tortured with a power drill