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Selected song name: Who Dat (Freestyle)
Singer Name: Joell Ortiz
Lyrics written by: Joell Ortiz

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Who dat, who dat, who dat, who else but me?
My bars make me insecure call myself ugly
Been a man since I fell out of Michelle's tummy
Forever Joell's hungry and everyone smells yummy!
I don't need nobody help I got myself money
Pants never sag, can't nobody take the belt from me
I'm on fire -- the temperature in hell's lovely
I don't miss a beat like the Energizer Cell bunny
Some'n numb cause I spit crack
There's clothing stores between me and these rappers: a big Gap
So far ahead that I could sit back
Cause when that startin' pistol bark these n***as start I'm on my fifth lap
They won't say it but I will, "This kid's wack!"
Him against me give me a break: Kit-Kat
On my off day I off these n***as
Make 'em tap out like Dorothy's slippers
I'm tired of new dudes sayin' they the next star
And old dudes hangin' 'round like Brett Favre
You think you'll do Joell some harm? Then put your helmet on
I'll expose you b*t*hes like the X-bar
'Til I get what I deserve, ain't nobody safe
Wild, Wild West, watch the mess that my shotty make
Before rap, I was standin' in that lobby late
Makin' sure lil man upstairs on that pottycake
I'm a dope boy, that happens to rap
Dope boy that's why you'll find me on 2dopeboyz
I got this hip-hop game on smash
Website's not right if they don't play my Puerto Rican a**!
Who dat, who dat, who dat, who dat? Yaowa!
In a Brooklyn bar with a few Jack towers
B*t*h on my arm like a new tat: flower
Finna get beat up like a dude that, cowers
Know it's frustrating, tryin' ya best daddy
I get on beats and just Coast like West Cali
I'm a monster my balls wanna sex Halle
Your boy brought New York back like a Mets rally!
Flow for hire, anybody need a ghostwriter?
Give you a rhyme so pyro -- no fire!
And I don't need my name in the credits
Just show a n***a love, but some change in my debit
Every one of my peers is on they way to the exit
The game's under repair, couple changes and edits
Rule number one, listen up brothers
I know y'all wanna be cool but stop squeezin' into nut huggers!
Rule number two: have your own opinion
Just cause he play for Duke don't mean he nicer than homie from Old Dominion
And rule number three? Come f**k with me
Cause I'm just like every one of my hoes: sucka free
I ain't gotta be on Twitter to get at you
Here go fifty bars, and I'm so nice, I'll talk the last two, hehe