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Selected song name: Windmillz
Singer Name: Getter
Lyrics written by: Getter

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It's Reid
Welcome, to my hotel room
Hotel room freestyle
That's what I'ma call this
You already know, let's go
It goes like this, it goes exactly like this
What is life?

Life goes on like a windmill
Only plot I got is to grip steal, make a mil
Staying real, always ill from '93 til
Souls of mischief did it better still, whatever
On ya skin like leather
Flap you like a feather
Don't depend on the weather
You know I'm better, than most these clowns
You be seeing on the TV
Cause I don't need cream, I got enough for me see
I'm like a dairy farm I make cheese when I please
This untapped potential have you stuck on your knees
Spewing goop like a sl*t when they sneeze
Jack your wallet with ease
Bruised lids from a lack of sleep
Put a chrome to ya dome and eject the meat
I'll take my seat now
Big G on the beats, kaplow
Don't move dude
I got some more food for your mouth
Turn this old church to a f**kin' slaughterhouse
But hold the phone
Pick up all the pieces of your head blown
I love drugs but I'll never condone
Knockout a cop in the comfort of my own home
F**k pigs, till I'm six feet, overgrown
Head to hell screaming "F**k 12" till I'm out the ozone
Uh, yo, uh
Then dust 'em off like a camera lens
Whip a Benz
Y'all should really see how far my shawty bends
And now my shotty ends life
Put 2 through you and save the rest for your wife, b*t*h
Have a good night
I love my wife, but f**k life
Could get a murder charge just to see what the f**k it feels like
Leave me alone
Could give a f**k who you with b*t*h
I said leave me alone
Feed your Momma a bone
Give her a treat if she make me a scone
Live your life and get the f**k up off yo phone
Appreciate the moment and you'll never be alone
B*t*h, ay
I can't surf, but I'm gnar like Spicolli
Flat you like some dough
And cut you up like pepperoni
Personal pan pizza in the oven
B*t*h I'm hungry
I eat these fools faster than a motherf**king humvee
My honey got a rump that make
Humpty Dumpty land on his feet
Damn Reid be off the leash
I been kicked around, eaten up chewed and spit out
My mind was torn to pieces so I ripped that sh*t out
Ten years down the drain, guess I wasn't cut out
Fast forward 2020, who you listen to now?
Motherf**kers gettin' sick off the clout
They'd rather suck each other off
Instead of figure it out
Reid's here to patch it up like a squeaky leaky water spout
Like a squeaky leaky water spout
Like a squeaky leaky water spout

Gonna clean this sh*t up
Gonna kill this sh*t
Just for fun
I don't even have to
Someone's gotta do it
That's why I'm here
Hot Vodka
Volume 1