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Selected song name: World Cup Freestyle
Singer Name: G-Eazy
Lyrics written by: G-Eazy

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Ay from the bay all the way out here overseas
Man, across the pond
Let's go

Yeah, These Things Happen, you already know!
Yeah, Bay Area, looking like outsider with rolled sleeves
Black leather jackets cool Gypsies and cold thieves
Break brown cigarillos down and blow leaves
Young and up and coming still respected by OGs
Now, oh ease, sorta like hip-hop's Tom Waits
Rappers sneak this and sound as nervous as proms dates
Born as a leader with strong traits
Just trying to be legendary and right now I'm on pace
Yeah, uh grew this from the soil I swear
They don't make them like me bro, I told you I'm rare
I'll stare at your girlfriend, I don't even care
I'm a monster, I'm a beast!
I'm a California bear!
Catch me lurking in the shadows with a bottle of Bullet Rye
Chilling, leaned back, appreciating my fullest high
You can try, understand, you'll never be as cool as I
Come in my arena, I advise, you shouldn't try
Rappers catch fatigue trying to run at my pace
Try comparing us is dangerous, a stunting disgrace
Hit the t**ty bar with hundreds to waste
I'm all over the place
Have you ever seen a rapper who looks like this
Evil as a villain but they say my flow is the nicest
Roll up then I light this
Man, I'm hella righteous
Might just, take a million for my name and likeness
I feel like
Elvis in '56, the Beatles in '63
You got the male fans, the b*t*hes belong to me
I'll just looking at arenas, I know what I'm going to be
The power, the influence, the money I'm gonna see
Rapper, I am not you
Your fake and I can spot you
Think your on my level but it's not true
Move to fast, I lost you
Talking sh*t will cost you
Theses Things Happen, out now, watch fool, yeah

Young Gerald