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Selected song name: WOULDN’T LOVE ME
Singer Name: Gabriels (Pop)
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We all do things we shouldn't do
I ain't gon' stop to love you

Momma sorry, I was having ghetto hood dreams
Never told you about myself besides the cool kid
Jokes aside, I was stuck in the cruel scene
Did the sh*t y'all brag about when I was fourteen
Cordis Die, it's do or die, late night events and Silenced crying, why bother me? God knows I'm trying, got high and crashed like Kobe Bryant but
You wouldn't love me if you knew these, yeah
Caught the fire, never tried to run away with it
My mind statе was never that stable for Explaining it
That's prolly why y'all wеre so strict with my behavior and
I tried to keep my distance, sh*t is nothing to play with it
These words are so cheap expressing broke hearts
Gone Crazy over hoes and alchohol, but
Still you were the only one doin the lord's job
You wouldn't love me If you knew these

Aim is lit, hope is dry
God himself can't deny
We all do things we shouldn't do
I ain't gon' stop to love you

F**k a friend, I rather pay someone to listen to me everytime I'm trynna have a rant or something, Hours talking
Over sh*t you never feel, you gotta stand and touch it, mad in public
But in friendly crews a funny alcoholic
That's the subject, your only company is you & yourself
I Love everyone, but not when it's no good to myself
You wouldn't love me if you knew these, yeah
I knew more people than you've ever seen in TV
Now they change routes everytime they see me
Though it was love for everyone and it still is
I really hope motherf**kers ain't gonna play this CD
Used to be a dream, now we seeing sh*t in 3D
My next album might be All Red, goin' trippy
I wouldn't love me if I knew these