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Xenophobia song lyrics are written by Elysia

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Selected song name: Xenophobia
Singer Name: Elysia
Lyrics written by: Elysia

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75 percent approve of this torment
A cement wall so aliens will stop their crawl
So tall they can't climb above
Shove them back, there's no love here
Because our fears endless years of tears will fall upon us

Building a wall to keep them out?
I'm highly in doubt
More like building a wall to keep us in
Because we're still judging by skin
And so-called "moralists" are blind of the sin

How can God justify this?
Created to exist
Not to be dismissed
Into an abyss of our ignorance
The wickedness is knowing of their gratefulness
Suppressing as this nation is regressing
Stuck in reverse can we inverse this curse?

My family is not accepted in land that was once there's before they were
Redirected, disrespected, rejected, and infected, dissected to be contrived
Manifest Destiny has survived and is being revived
In a nation of all this evil I demand an upheaval!
If this wall was built before I was born
I wouldn't even be alive to mourn