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Selected song name: Ya Goin’ Down
Singer Name: Eazy-E
Lyrics written by: Eazy-E

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It's like this, if
To go head up with the double-J F-A-D, then

Ayo, J.B., what you think about that sucker Shante?

Here we go, another ho wanna jump on the bandwagon
So you know, it's time to start taggin'
People thinkin' we were just a F-A-D
So let's diss a fat girl from NYC
Listen up, Shanté, now really
Your pimp Marley Marl need to slap you silly, girl
Who you think you are to juice me?
First, Roxanne Shanté, now you're Loosey?
You couldn't get none of KRS-ONE
So you tried to come West and get some
Make a U-turn 'cause I burn through
I'm more deffer than a heifer like you
And a catfight, that ain't right
Let me show you how to strike, a dyke on the mic
First of all, girl, you ain't cute
Then I heard that you're knockin' the boots
With Shan, when he rock your world
The whole Juice Crew said,
They made a line, then they made a pile
Then you and Marley Marl did it doggystyle
Biz Mark and Kane got a little
Somehow, Shanté, you were caught in the middle
After all that, sent 'em on their way
Smiled at the door, and said,
Wham, bam, ma'am, and they're gone
Nine months later, fam, mother's home
Doin' what you did, now, how that sound?
You can't make no wacky record, homegirl, 'cause you're goin' down

We knew you was wack from the start
Did a hundred 12-inches and never hit the pop charts
Tried to get fame off my name then front
Yo, it must be that time of the month
Or you just cracked out, you shoulda backed out
'Fore you get rapped out, or even socked out
I'm going way out for the kill
Roxanne Shanté, you bit your name from The Real Roxanne
Plus you've never seen the world
I gotta diss, this dark-skinned fat girl
Who tried to eat the Fad then run it
But your eyes are too big for your stomach, girl
'Cause your song's not happenin'
About the Supersonic album? Oh, it's platinum
When you did wacky records, you say you got 'em
Been rappin' for years, and you're still on the bottom
I've been rappin' for a year, now I'm on top
Hmm, I mix pop with a lot of funky hip-hop
And dropped it over Shanté
For messin' with the double-J F-A-D, we don't play
We slay at a pitch to abuse you
I'm on the old sucker girl from the Juice Crew
STOP! You're just washed up, clown
Now how that sound, homegirl, because you're goin' down

I hope you don't think you're as fly as me
'Cause I'm the S-A-double S-Y C
Let's see who's a sucker
It ain't word to the mother, 'cause I'ma smother
A girl named Shanté, no doubt
This time you put your foot in your mouth
I don't see you in magazines often
And when you die, it's gotta be a closed coffin
I try to be lady like on the mic
But right about now, I gotta get hype
On a female that's big as a whale
Who make wack records that don't sell
Half as much as we do
Everybody wanna diss the J.J. Fad crew
Go ahead and step to the tré
We try to be nice, but we'll spray ya
So come one, come all
Let's start with a b***erball, Shanté, she'll fall
I try to play it off cool
But once again, I gotta act a fool
Yo homegirl, this ain't no raffle
You ain't got juice 'cause you're from the Big Apple
You're still a little new jack
And when you go platinum, then you could talk back
But for now, just zip the lip
And get off that L.A. tip
Take it from one girl to another
You're goin' down, 'cause you a sucker