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Selected song name: Young Daddy Lumba
Singer Name: Juls
Lyrics written by: Juls

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Me nsɛe da ei
Me nsɛe da oh

Me nsɛe da ei
Me nsɛe da oh

Me nsɛe da ei
Me nsɛe da oh

Me nsɛe da ei
Me nsɛe da oh
Me nsɛe da, nsɛe da

The young daddy lumba, been super since Sumer
But den no go know until they dig his tomb up
Your girl at my crib and I’m feeling on her duna
She mess with my clique cos we ball like Zuma
Ball, Balls like Zuma, nothing wey adey fear
High and yeah, I am after your dear like a Puma
Boat rides in Sajuna, feel the chill in these lines
Read minds and you know its freeze time like Lacuna
A**ume I dey talk the Michael Kors on Ice
You no dey floss, you no be boss, you dey rush your life
We be the gods alright, with the force alright
I’m in her box all night, I love to play Azuma
Ɛnka me feeli baileys but lately Amarula
Slick Rick Junior, the stories go fit fool ya
And when I’m on a record, its murder
Like Charles Kojo Fosu, me nsɛe da

The Young Daddy Lumba
Nobody do tricks, pull chicks like Junior
Your girl be the meat I give stick like suya
All about the Mula, say I’m wrong and I’ll sue ya, I’ll sue ya
You praying on my downfall, I see right through ya
Never hit the ground cos, even when I do I
Bounce back like round ball, I am an amazing guy
Even at the north pole there’s none cooler
Focus on yours bro, obiara ne n’adwuma
M’atera saman, deɛn ne ahuna huna
Me nsuro hwee, wo koraa wo yɛ kumaa
M’atera neɛ ɛyɛ troɔ nti is on sɛ me hu wo a
Ice cold in the veins, my blood got a jeweler
Insane in the brain but the tongue still go woo ya
And when im on a record, its murder
I’m Charles Kojo Fosu, Junior, Me nsɛe da