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Selected song name: Young Jesus
Singer Name: Big Lenbo
Lyrics written by: Big Lenbo

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Yeah yeah, what up Bobby
Like goddamn, like goddamn
This that 9-5 sh*t right here
Take 'em back to the 90s!
Like goddamn, like goddamn
Yo yo yo yo yo, yo yo yo

Okay now take a trip inside my mind like you was off to Venice
It's me and B-I-G L-N-B-O cookin' like chemists
Take 'em back to way back when, like Dennis the Menace
Causin' mayhem on the come up like a young apprentice
Smokin' weed and gettin' higher than a flight attendant
Hip-hop descendant, gold Jesus on my pendant
Got to pull it out for everyone that's in attendance
Okay, back in the day as a College Park tenant
Still can't believe I didn't get a shorty pregnant
Man, that's the definition of a life sentence
A whole lot of beef, no bread, no lettuce
'Cause I couldn't keep it in my briefs, man that's pathetic
F**k all that back and forth, this ain't a game of tennis
I'll be in my mothaf**kin' chamber like the senate
Scared to go outside but I know I can't prevent it
I'm, forever alone in my mind
See I'm a self-diagnosed hypochondriac
Either at the crib, or on the tour bus is where you'll find me at
Yeah, I know that I'm livin' like I got it okay, yeah
But I swear that I'm not that neurotic over here, yeah

Over here, over here
Over here, over here
Over here, over here
Over here, over here

Ayo, f**k all that, it's the fat young Jesus; flow prestigious
Stackin' money and playin' the field man like Regis
Better believe us or leave us
Grabbin' your b*t*h's cleavage like, "woo-hah"
I went from surveyin' to Super Saiyan slayin' the man
B*t*hes want an autograph
I sign them t**ties in crayon, like goddamn!
It's me and B-I-G L-N-B-O cookin' like chemists
It's me and B-I, B-I, B-I-G L-N-B-O, L-N-B-O
Posted in the club in baggy jeans and a beanie
Sippin' on a martini, takin' my pick at b*t*hes like eenie meenie
I'm unscannable, young cannibal, eat wack MCs like Hannibal
'Cause Joe Pesci's my spirit animal

Over here, over here
Over here, over here
Over here, over here
Over here, over here

Okay the flow delicious, bounty huntin' like Sid Vicious
The young Spiegel, interstellar with my retrieval
Furthest from evil, I throw this sh*t back like medieval
I spit at it like a Beretta
You know I get better by givin' the people
Not a f**k given, check the method, that's how we livin'
Always been driven, out of sight and yet never hidden
"The Return of the Jedi"
B*t*h I bet I do the show and catch a red eye
Ho I said I leave 'em dead, I know I do
This sh*t is
The B-I-G L-E-N-B-O on the way to Rio
Ay dios mio, lookin' for a Latin Leo
To hold a brother down like the white man
F**k that n***a
Ayo enough's enough, man of my word, I never bluff
Even in a pair of cuffs, know we always keep it real
Like goddamn, don't even step like I ain't the man
I'm just
I gotta conceal it like a murder weapon
I kept in the glove, Ratt Pack you know it's all love
We the realest so f**k you if you ain't feel this
Throw a Molotov in your crib
And tell them b*t*hes to bill us, we the illest
Finger f**k a critic
Sh*t is darker than "The Chronicles of Ridd**k"
Yes I did it, while they bit it, you know we got it
Smack you with the palm, save the back for your mom
Sound the alarm, you know we got it goin' on