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Ziggas In Paris (Watch the Throne Remix) song lyrics are written by Eshon Burgundy

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Selected song name: Ziggas In Paris (Watch the Throne Remix)
Singer Name: Eshon Burgundy
Lyrics written by: Eshon Burgundy

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Uh, salute
Yeah, Eshon

Hop on the beat and get reckless really
I don't wanna be the best from Philly
Shine from God no necklace feel me
Flesh walk around wit a death wish kill me
Hop on the beat on my remix joint
Tell the dj leave this on
I'm smoked out on my treeless joint
Glory cloud no Cheech n Chong
That boi he wild with a 40 cal
He gone air it out til the beef is gone
He gone need a bail out from the jailhouse
Til' the Lord ride down like a thief on holmes
Only God take a seat on thrones
And I'm out in the street wit His clones
Real god body got God in my body
Blood Of the Lamb I'm a carbon copy
Think I'm playin' but I'm all in ock key
I know you tryna ball like we all wearing top t's
Top tens/ drop Benz/ on stock rims/ but sheesh!!!
Can't we get a little bit of love?
Little bit of love and life?
Little bit of what's going on?
Little less wrong and a little more right?
I know I sound like the political type and I'm not but I do live a miracle life
Don't mean to sound spiritual right?
Yeah I do I'm a angel in a pair of new flights
Flyer than a pair of blue kites/ blood bought incomparable price
In the middle of an unseen war/ ain't nobody see the gun he pulled
Ain't nobody see the sword I got/ it's a book/ but it leave more than paper cuts
I'm appalled by the decor of this game it make me nuts
And I'm flawed diamond in the rough/ pause/ no princess cut
Everything God put His hands on turn to gold I guess that's an expensive touch! Yup
Yeah, that's cray